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letter from colliers

            Colliers International is pleased to provideyouwith the 2017 West Michigan
Real Estate Forecast Report. Year after year, we work hard to ensure the information
we provide is current, complete and accurate. We know that over the years this
data and our expertise has driven numerous influential decisions throughout West
Michigan, and we remain committed to ensuring our market knowledge is working
for your success.

            The marketplace is constantly moving and accelerating, perhaps more
quickly now than ever observed before. In order to anticipate future moves within
our market,we make deliberate and regular efforts to stay in touchwith each segment
of the market. Given our size and market share, we are able to leverage the collective
knowledge of the most experienced team of commercial real estate professionals in
West Michigan. Since we focus our efforts on maintaining the most current market
knowledge, our advisors can quickly position our clients for success as the market
shifts. Our mission is simple: to accelerate your success.

            We sincerely appreciate the many years of service we’ve been able to
provide to our client partners and to West Michigan. We consider ourselves fortunate
to call West Michigan home and look forward to continuing our partnership with
our clients, neighbors and friends.


Jon Potvin | Managing Director
Colliers International | West Michigan
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