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2 Colliers International

                          A NOTE FROM


                          Colliers International | West Michigan welcomes you to our
                          2018 West Michigan Real Estate Forecast Report. We are
                          continuously working together with the community to provide
                          current, complete, and accurate information about our local
                          and regional market. We are proud that this data and our
                          expertise has driven numerous influential decisions throughout
                          West Michigan, and we remain committed to ensuring our
                          market knowledge is working for your success.

                          Looking back on 2017, we faced many obstacles and
                          adventures, however the Colliers family triumphed. The
                          performance of the market was strong, and as a result, the firm
                          saw growth and constant progression. With the right talent in
                          place, our office expanded to both the Holland and Lansing
                          markets and we are confident that business will continue to
                          grow. With our continued focus on sustainable business
                          practices, and a team of talent that has been enriched by new
                          professionals within our company, we envision a successful
                          year ahead.

                          We thank you for allowing us to be your trusted advisors and
                          appreciate the many years of service we have been able to
                          provide. We consider ourselves fortunate to call West Michigan
                          home and we look forward to continuing our partnership with


                          Duke Suwyn | CEO
                          Colliers International | West Michigan
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